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My Garage Door Worked The Last 1000 Times - Why Won’t It Work The Next 1000 Times?

Listen, this is an easy trap to fall into. People get used to something, and then over time, they start to sort of take it for granted, forgetting that time and pressure eventually take their toll on all systems.

That's true with your garage doors, too. They might work like a charm when newly installed, but some maintenance and eventual repair will be necessary.

Factory Systems

The people at the factory never ignore this type of concern. They even have a metric called ‘mean time before failure’ or MTBF that they apply in corporate research.

Most consumers have never heard of MTBF, but it's extremely useful in the modeling that specialized professionals do to think about the longevity of parts and systems. Essentially, they take a large number of similar products and operate them over time to see how many fail at a particular given point.

This has led scientists to come up with a model that’s often called a ‘bathtub curve’ by bean counters. The bathtub curve typically shows that most items either break right away due to defects or immediate problems, or break much later in their lifetimes.

Structural Pressure and Sagging

So how does all of this apply to your garage doors? Here's one of the usual suspects with poor garage door performance. It's called sagging.

Sagging happens when the door becomes structurally compromised and sags down from the frame. Over time that will lead to other kinds of wear and pressure on parts. The door won't work as well, and eventually it probably won't work at all.

Sagging is often fixed with a long bar extension, but if you're not a professional it can be difficult to diagnose this problem. Don't worry… we've got you covered!

Damage To Parts

Operation and time also put pressure on the metal parts that help your garage door to function. Parts like hinges and control elements may need to be replaced after a certain length of time.

Our technical teams help property owners all over Denver and surrounding areas to keep their properties in good condition, and to get the quality of use they want out of a garage door system. These highly specialized spring-loaded systems do require care and attention, and we’re proud to be one of the top firms in the local area. Call us whenever your systems are acting finicky, and you can get that peace of mind that comes from good proactive maintenance.

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