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Same Day Service

We’ve talked a lot about the types of jobs that we do for people, but as a local business, it pays to think about how you operate day to day.

You can see evidence of some of this reading our testimonials and reviews. Our customers really value our professionalism and dedication to customer service, and that means being prompt. It means understanding what customers are up against when they have a problem with something on their properties.

Answering the Phone

It starts when somebody sees that they have a problem with their garage door or garage door opener. Maybe the door won't open, or maybe it won't close. Maybe one of the warning signs tipping you off is a creaking or cracking sound.

In any case, by the time someone calls, they’re looking to get a quick response and a good, permanent fix. If the phone just rings and they can't get anybody, that sense of disturbance heightens, and they may either give up or keep dialing the phone in a cold sweat…

Showing Up

Okay, so you've called, and a local company has answered the phone. Then there's the big question: “when can you come out?”

If you look at customers describing our service and the way we operate in the community, you'll see that they are calling out our quick response as a major part of what they enjoyed about the service.

Look, there are a large number of things that can happen with the garage door. Some are related to the action of the springs, and others have to do with sensors or rollers. Some have to do with the battery technology in the opener.

Most of them can be fixed in one day or less. But what day that is makes a difference. If the company can't come out for a week, that's a whole week of parking somewhere you're not used to, and waiting. And waiting. And waiting. You get the picture.

We work on the basis of fast and effective service and it pays. It pays off for our customers, who get a more efficient response, and it pays for us as it builds our reputation in the area. So next time you have a problem with the garage doors, don't put it off anymore – just call us and we’ll come out and take a look. Again, most of these things can be fixed fairly easily – with the right expertise and the right tools. On the other hand, trying to do it yourself can leave you with a much bigger problem! We can help.

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