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Garage Door Safety Practices

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Like many parts of our homes, garage doors age before we know it. Often, homeowners fail to consider the threat garage doors can pose if mishandled. Garage doors can become hazards to our property, and our family, which is why staying abreast of any issues is crucial to ensuring the safety of your garage door.

The garage door is the largest moving door in your home, and its regular maintenance is vital to its operating smoothly and safely. While the garage door has come a long way in manufacturing, materials, and even technology, homeowners should be aware of safe usage of garage doors and best maintenance practices.

The Evolution Of The Garage Door

The safety of your garage door is more important than ever before. While initially only used for home vehicle storage, the garage door has experienced an evolution over the decades. Today, over 70% of homeowners use their garages as their primary entrance rather than their front doors.

Not only is the average garage door raised and lowered four times a day, signaling more people are entering through the garage door than ever before. With the rise in usage, garage doors must be well maintained and operated safely.

Garage Doors Are Not Toys

It may sound ridiculous to adults, but garage doors are not toys. Your family’s safety in and out of the garage depends on their understanding that the door and its opener are not to be taken for granted. Garage doors and openers can be dangerous if misused, possibly causing property damage and serious bodily injury. Children should never be allowed to play with any parts associated with the garage door or its opener, including never standing, hanging from, or otherwise engaging in the door when it is in motion.

Garage door openers should be kept away from the reach of children and should only be operated by an adult. Mounting controls high on the wall is the best practice to ensure they are out of the reach of children, and remote door controls should be securely mounted in cars where children cannot access them.

Stay Clear Of The Garage Door

Under no circumstances should anyone ever stand or walk underneath a moving garage door. Trying to “beat the system” by running and jumping over sensors is an unnecessary danger that should be avoided at all times. Ensure you carefully watch the door as it opens and closes to ensure no adults, children, or animals are in the way.

To avoid injury, hands, fingers, feet, and other body parts should be kept clear of all the features of the garage door system, including its track. If you have to open or close your garage door manually, only use handles or designated gripping points for operation.

Proper Maintenance

Always keep your garage door maintained and checked by professional garage door companies. A garage door that works correctly is less likely to cause injury.

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