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Garage Doors: Debbie Do, Susie Maybe, and Donnie Don't

Is it important to take care of your garage doors? Well … here's the story of three property owners who had a problem with their garage doors. In all of these three scenarios, it was the same problem – the garage door didn't close all the way, so the close limit switch needed to be adjusted.

Debbie Do

Debbie Do was the first person to call the professionals to come and make this common-sense change, after she hit the button once on her way home from work and noticed a gap above the floor as she left through the other side of the garage to enter the house. To be fair, it was a sunny day. She put it on her “to do” list – and because she was Debbie Do, it got done!

Problem solved.

Susie Maybe

Susie, on the other hand, ignored that gap for a couple of days, until she came out to the car to go to work in the morning, and there was a raccoon in there. It scared her half out of her wits, and that very same day, she called a professional garage door repair service, and they came and adjusted the close limit switch. It didn’t take them a long time, and it wasn’t super expensive, and she got to use her garage without carrying a rake in her hand.

Donnie Don’t

Then there was Donnie, who pulled in and hit the button and watched the garage door come within 10 inches of the floor and stop.

He was a little upset that it didn't close all the way, so he unhooked part of the chain apparatus (basically by throwing himself against the garage door till it broke) and closed it all the way himself. He then piled old newspapers against it and stopped putting his car in there. Half a year later, that door hasn't moved an inch, and Donnie's parking his car at the curb

We get it – you have a lot of things on your plate, and garage door repair tends to get pushed aside. But don't do what Donnie Don't did – call Local First Garage Door Service and get your garage doors fixed the right way! You’ll be glad you got it taken care of and can check it off of your list, because, again, there are probably quite a number of things on there.

That’s what we do. We come to the rescue when you have a problem that’s too big for DIY. These are sophisticated home systems, and you don’t have time to go back and read the whole manual, let alone acquire the tools to work with modern transponder chips, etc. We can help.

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