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Commercial and Residential Garage Doors – Three Differences

Here at Local First Garage Door Service, we work in the local area every day, helping our clients to keep their properties in excellent condition. We work on both commercial and residential systems, and we see the big differences that apply to each one of these areas, some of which are interesting from a practical perspective.

Here's some of what we encounter as we work with business owners and homeowners to install top-quality garage door installations and maintain and repair systems as needed.


Either a commercial or a residential garage door can have small windows or apertures in order to provide visibility through the door.

However, in commercial scenarios, that visibility is a lot more likely to be functional. Many residential doors have the windows at the top of the veneer area, so that they are not very practical for viewing – they’re more ornamental in design.

Commercial doors often have those Plexiglas or sealed windows at eye level to accommodate the kinds of transparency that workers need when they are approaching a warehouse or other space from inside or outside the door. In other words, these windows are more necessary and are installed for a given use.

Cold Chain Processes and Other Commercial Requirements

Commercial doors often also have different kinds of functionality that residential garage door installations don't need. One example is cold chain logistics, where the commercial doors are going to have to seal in a particular way, or have secondary coverings in place when the door is open.

Also, commercial systems may need specific security. That’s not to say that residential systems don’t need security – they do! The difference is that residential security is almost always elective, where businesses, to comply with industry standards or laws, may need specific security features installed. Every day in business is a big day!

Vehicle Access

The vehicle access model for commercial and residential systems is typically different, too and that’s something to think about when you are responsible for an enterprise system. Where commercial installations often have garage doors that a truck can pull up to, with attendant buffers and other equipment to protect the surface of the building, most residential garage doors open above a concrete floor, so that the resident can drive right in with a car, truck, SUV, van or whatever fits in the enclosed garage area.

Whether you're dealing with commercial residential systems, we can help you to bring the newest cutting-edge technologies to your systems and troubleshoot problems with openers, sensors and more.


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