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When Is it Time to Replace Your Garage Door Springs?

There are many factors and components that go into the performance of your garage door. One of these elements is the torsion springs. If this component of your door breaks, the door will no longer be able to lift or close, which means you can’t use it for getting in or out of your garage.

Just like any other component in your home, your garage door springs have a shelf life. From time to time, it will be necessary to replace them so your door will continue to perform at the high level you need it to.

The question you may have is – how long will your garage door springs continue to work? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. It really depends on how often you use the door. Every time the door opens or closes, it has completed a “cycle.” On average, you can expect that your garage door springs will last for approximately 10,000 cycles. What this means is that if you live by yourself and only open and close your garage door two times a day, the springs will last much longer than if you live with five other people who come and go throughout the day.

Now, it is time for you to learn more about your springs, what causes them to wear out and break, and when replacement is necessary.

What Causes Garage Door Spring Breakage?

There are several factors that may lead to your garage door springs breaking. However, some of the most common reasons this happens include the following:

  • Wear and tear: Similar to the tires that are on your vehicle, the springs on your garage door may wear out as time passes.

  • Corrosion and rust: These elements can affect your springs, but you can prevent some damage by spraying the springs with an anti-rust product every three to four months.

  • Cutting corners: In many situations, a builder will try to cut corners by using a single, very long torsion spring for your door, instead of using a spring on each side. This results in one spring doing double duty, which means it will fail faster.

Determining How Strong Your Garage Door Springs Are

Do you want to know if your garage door springs have any life left in them? If so, you can test their strength by doing the following:

  • Pull the emergency release cord

  • Raise and lower the door manually and listen for squeaking – if you hear it apply WD-40

  • Raise the door a few feet off the ground and let it go – if it doesn’t fall, the springs are fine

If the door does fall when you let go, replacement springs are needed.

Replacing Your Garage Door Springs

Replacing the springs on your garage door isn’t something the average homeowner should try to do on their own. In fact, this can be quite dangerous and cause serious injuries. It’s best to call the professionals to handle this job for you. Doing so will help ensure it is done properly and safely.

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