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Broken Spring

Local First Garage, Denver garage door service offers residential and commercial broken spring replacement all around Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, Broomfield and surrounding areas. Whether it's steel garage doors or wooden doors, insulated or non-insulted, Local First Garage can do it.

We carry most sizes and types of garage door springs with us, both garage door  Torsion springs and Extension springs. These springs have a lifetime of 10,000 cycles.

When should you replace garage door springs?​

The garage door springs are the heart of any garage door system. It doesn't matter what type system you have, if you have broken springs, you most likely can't open your door. Trying to open the door using the opener can cause the door to go off track, damage panels or and damage the opener... ​ So when should you replace the garage door springs? Well, if they are already broken, of course. A second reason is when the door doesn't stay up by itself and falls hard when not connected to the opener. Not attending to this problem can cause damage to the garage door opener. A third reason is if the springs have a lot of rust or if there is a big gap between the coils of the springs (usually happens with extension springs).


The two main types of spring systems are : ​

  • Torsion Springs

  • Extension Springs

Torsion springs are the most common system in households today and are located above the door, and the extension are located above each side of the tracks. ​ Springs on residential garage doors have a lifetime of 10,000 cycle

(In some cases more).

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