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Three Types of Garage Door Spring Replacement Jobs

As we’re going all over the local Denver, CO area to look at garage doors and accessories, we've seen a lot of the same types of projects pop up again and again.

Like any other complex part of your property, garage doors benefit from specialized maintenance and repair.

Yes, there is an owner’s manual for garage doors, but it's not something that most property owners sit down and read. Most of them have never fixed a garage door before in their lives, and trying to do so from scratch can be a harrowing and time-intensive experience.

That's why we step in and help out with connectivity problems, garage door opener problems, spring problems and more. Here are three scenarios where you may or may not need to replace one or more of your garage door springs.

Broken Springs

This is the most evident type of project, where you know that you need to have the spring replaced. A broken spring will not provide the tension needed to open and close the garage door properly. We can help with good consulting and technical experience, as well as the types of products that will support the integrity of your garage door for a long time. The rule of thumb in the industry is that springs are supposed to last 10,000 cycles, but this depends in part on the quality and the maintenance over time. There are other factors, too, which we can explain when we’re at your property, helping you to get the most out of your doors.

Rusting Springs

Another major problem that we see often is the corrosion of springs with oxidative rust. Rust is an interesting problem, because it happens gradually, and is sometimes responsive to cleanup solutions, although heavier rust might require replacement.

In other words, you may not need to replace the springs if you can get control of the rust and use topical formulations to keep that metal in good shape. On the other hand, if the rust has gotten too extensive, it's best to invest in a new set of springs.

Loose Springs

Here's another scenario that we see pretty often. If you have a significant gap in the coils of your spring, your spring has become loose and stretched out over time.

Various kinds of miscalibration can lead to loose or gapped coils. That's another sign that you may need to replace a spring or two. Talk to Local First Garage Door Service if you need excellent help in caring for this important part of your property.

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