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Should I Get A Smart Garage Door?

Here at Local First Garage, we excel in helping homeowners and others to fine-tune their properties and get more value out of their investment in a home or a business facility.

We do this by innovating in garage door solutions – putting specific installations in place that help drivers and passengers to improve access, convenience and exit/entry from various parts of the building.

A garage door is a huge asset, but only if it's working correctly. That's what we're for – all around Denver, Aurora, Lakewood and surrounding areas, we help property owners to ensure that they're getting their money out of an owned or rented garage space by making sure that the door and accessories work properly.

Smart Garage Doors

A smart garage door is a system that is hooked up to an application that helps users to open garage doors from a device, like a smartphone or wearable piece of hardware, like a smart watch.

The smart garage door is a common part of new smart home systems that's very much in vogue these days, because of how convenient it can be. Imagine if you didn't have a garage door opener anymore – you could just press a button on your smartphone, or even use a voice command to open and close your garage door.

Sounds great, right?

It is, but again, only if it's working properly.

Some Issues with Smart Garage Doors

First, your smart garage door opener has to work with your existing garage door. We've been installing these new functional systems all over the Denver, CO area, and we know which ones work with various types of pre-existing traditional doors. We can hash this out for you in minutes, so that you know that you have compatibility that will make your smart garage door an asset and not a headache.

Another common problem is false positives – you may find that you’re brushing against your phone and opening your door unknowingly, or in some cases, the door even opens or closes by itself due to some technical glitch. We can design these installations to prevent some of these false triggers and help you deal with them if and when they occur.

Those are some of the main issues with smart garage doors. The upside is that these handy digital openers can be extremely easy to use, and they can really change your lifestyle. In terms of a commercial building, they can really enhance security and help authorized people get the access they need. For homeowners, security is also a benefit, but in addition, it's really nice to be able to open and close garage doors and get into and out of a property without using your hands. That's excellent for people who are carrying babies or groceries or anything else as they're trying to move into or out of a property. Talk to us about getting the installations that you need in place to get the most out of your residential or business garage space.

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