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Principles of Garage Door Security

At Local First Garage Door Service, we help to install, repair and maintain good working garage door infrastructure for these important outbuildings. Part of the focus is on garage door security – protecting what's in your garage from thieves and burglars.

Here are some of the things that we help our clients with as they go about figuring out how to make a garage more secure and protect their investment in their vehicles and other possessions kept outside of the house.

Keeping the Garage Door Closed

A major part of garage door security is paying attention to whether the garage door is closed at all times when no one's watching it actively. Some of this involves a sense of personal discipline, where all members of the family will have to make sure they have closed the door as they exit, but problems can also arise when the garage door doesn't work correctly. That’s where we can help.

Keeping the Garage Door Opener Secured

Another major vulnerability happens when the garage door opener is misplaced or stays in a place where thieves can get their hands on it.

You've probably often heard police officers talk about not leaving items in plain sight in a locked vehicle. If your vehicle happens to be on the street with a garage door opener in it, it's easy for a criminal to break a window and get the garage door opener. Some thieves may even be devious enough to pull off a multistage attack – they'll first get your garage door opener while you're not looking, and then later enter the garage to steal.

We recommend keeping the garage door opener in a secure location to prevent these kinds of thefts and attacks.

Securing the Emergency Release

Here's one that we often talk to our customers about.

An emergency release on a garage door is important. It allows for overriding the door automation when necessary. But without the right safeguards, a thief can sometimes use a wire or tool to engage the emergency release from outside of the garage. Good security design can prevent this, so we’ll work with homeowners to make sure these vulnerabilities are addressed.

If anything is wrong with your garage door, call us! We’re a locally owned company with a track record of great customer service and honest dealing in the Denver, CO area. We are also BBB-accredited, and we have a lot of experience going out to customers’ homes to help with any sort of garage door issue. Ask us about how to maintain these important home systems for the long term.

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