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How to Keep Your Garage Door Roller in Good Shape

The average garage door is used three to five times a day. If you use your garage door frequently, making sure it is reliable is probably one of your main concerns. A residential garage door has a number of different parts that have to work in unison for the door to operate properly. The garage door roller is perhaps one of the most important pieces this part of your home has.

If the rollers or the tracks they are mounted on start to malfunction, it can result in a lot of complications when trying to let your garage door up and down. Preventing these issues is only possible when providing the garage door roller with adequate maintenance. With the tips below, you can keep this part of your garage door functional.

Tighten Loose Roller Hinges and Bolts

As a homeowner, it is your job to get familiar with the various parts of your garage door. This knowledge can help you pinpoint problems before they cause your garage door to stop working. Inspecting your garage door rollers and the hinges and bolts that support them is crucial. As time goes by, the bolts and hinge screws that are located around your rollers will begin to loosen. Leaving these elements loose can result in lots of damage.

This is why you need to make a habit of tightening these elements on a regular basis. The track brackets that the bolts hold in will start to warp if they are not tight. If this warping gets too bad, you may have to replace the tracks completely. Avoiding the headache this repair issue can cause is only possible when performing the tightening procedures mentioned previously.

Cleaning the Rollers is a Good Idea

Spring and fall cleaning is something most homeowners take seriously. During these periods of deep cleaning, you need to check garage door components for dirt and dust. Keeping the rollers on your garage door clean can help you avoid issues. Over time, dust and dirt will build up around the rollers and may prohibit them from working properly.

Wiping these rollers down with a damp rag can help you remove this dirt from the rollers with ease. When performing this cleaning, you need to also keep an eye out from excessive grease around the rollers. Removing this excess grease can help you keep the rollers and tracks on your garage door functional.

Lubricating Your Garage Door Rollers

Keeping your garage door rollers well-lubricated is also a good idea. If there is too much friction, the rollers can get damaged. Using a non-lithium spray lubricant is advisable when trying to address roller friction issues. Lubricating this part of your garage door every few months is a wise move when trying to keep repairs to a minimum.

Get the Garage Door Repair Help You Need!

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