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How to check if your garage door is correctly aligned and balanced

There are two simple and easy tests that will only take a few minutes from your time.

These tests can make a big difference and can save you $$ along the road, regardless what type or size of garage door you have.

tune-up garage door

When the door is completely closed, disconnect it from the opener by pulling the emergency release cord. Once you have done that, go to the garage door and manually pull it up about halfway.

If the door is balanced correctly, it will stay at the same height. If the door drops down, that means you have a problem with the garage door Springs. The solution is to give more tension to the springs or to completely replace them. Ignoring this issue can lead to opener failure and cause the door to drop on it's own, creating a serious safety issue.

We would hate to see the door drop down on something, or worse, someone!

If the door stays in place, good. The springs are doing their job.

garage door cables

The second test to check a garage door balance is easy as the first step. Pull the door all the way up, go underneath and check the tension on the cables both sides.

Both cables need to have the same tension. If one is looser than the other, your garage door needs a tune up. Not addressing this issue can lead to a costly repair.

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