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Garage Door Problems You May Experience This Winter

The average garage door repair can cost hundreds of dollars. If you fail to provide your garage door with the care it needs, it is only a matter of time before it stops working. The winter months bring with them colder temperatures. This colder weather can do a number on your garage door and the components that make it function.

Getting familiar with the various parts of your garage door can help you figure out what is wrong with it quickly. As soon as you start to experience garage door problems, calling in professionals to diagnose and fix it is a must. During the winter months, you may experience some of the problems covered in this article.

Grease Thickens in Colder Weather

A residential garage door has many moving parts. These parts will require constant lubrication to stay functioning properly over the years. The grease used to lubricate your garage door parts is designed to be used in high-temperature areas. When heat is applied to the grease, it gets thinner. However, the colder it gets outside, the thicker the grease on your garage door will become.

If you start to notice that your garage door is being sluggish when rolling up or down, it could be caused by thick grease. Inspecting the tracks on your garage door is crucial when trying to properly diagnose this problem. Wiping off the excess grease on the tracks can help you restore functionality to your garage door.

Metal Contracts in Colder Temperatures

Most people fail to realize that cold temperatures can damage metal. When metal reaches a certain temperature, it can start to change shape. If you live in an area that experiences extremely low temperatures, then the components on your garage door can start to fail. Small changes in the shape of the metal components on your garage door can cause big problems.

If you start to experience garage door functionality issues, you need to call in professionals to take a look. An experienced garage door repair professional will be able to find damaged components and replace them quickly. By paying for this proessional help, you can avoid further damage to your garage door.

Moisture Can Wreak Havoc on Your Rollers

Moisture is also a big problem during the winter months. If the rollers that are attached to your garage door freeze and thaw, they may start to slip when rolling on the track. This slippage can lead to your garage door getting off-track. If the rollers on your garage door are damaged or old, having them replaced is your best course of action.

Trying to save money by keeping worn-out components in place will backfire eventually. This is why you need to address garage door repair issues as soon as they surface.

Is Your Garage Door Broken?

If you are unable to use your garage door, then now is the time to get the problems it has repaired. Contact Local First Garage Door Service for information on the services we provide.

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