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Garage Door


Our technicians carry most types of garage doors parts, this way we can service and repair your garage door on the spot.​ Our garage door repair service includes panel replacement, off track, broken garage springs and cables, roller replacement, misaligned garage door, garage door tune-up and much more...

How to detect if your garage door needs service when still working


After years of use, parts of your garage door hardware will wear out and eventually break. This is due to metal fatigue. It's often easy to tell when the garage door is not working properly, for example: ​


  • You struggle to open and close the door.

  • The door makes loud friction noises when opening and closing.

  • The door is out of balance (crooked) when fully open.

  • The door shakes a lot when it goes up or down. ​

Garage Door Hardware

Garage door cables:

The cables work with the springs to open and close the door. The cables attach from the bottom bracket to the drums at the top. When you push the door up, the cable loops around the drum and with the force of the springs, the door goes up.

Garage door drums:

There are several kinds of garage door drums: Standard lift drums (most common for residential garage door), high lift drums and Vertical lift drums. The drums act like a cylinder that winds and loops the cables around them when the door is open.

Garage door Rollers:

The rollers are located between each hinge and the garage door tracks. There are several kinds of garage door rollers:

Plastic roller.

7 Ball Bearings Roller.

10 Ball Bearings Steel Roller. 

10 Ball Bearing Nylon Roller.

13 Ball Bearing Nylon Roller.

Garage door springs:

The spring is an essential part of any garage door system. Springs are the mechanism that allows you to easily move the door up and down. The two main types of spring systems are Torsion Springs and Extension Springs. A normal life time for springs for residential door is about 10,000 cycles. press here to read more about springs and the difference between them in our blog.

Garage door hinges:

Garage door hinges come in several sizes 1 ,2 ,3, 4... the number one is installed on the first panel, number two on the second and so on. The hinges are responsible to hold each roller in place inside the track.

Garage door tracks:

The tracks have two pieces, the vertical track and the horizontal track. Together, they allow the door sections to rise and move to a horizontal position above the garage floor. Their are a few main types of tracks:

Standard lift tracks (most common in residential garage door).

Low headroom tracks.

Vertical lift system tracks.

High lift system ​​track.

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