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Garage Door 

Our garage door tune-up includes door alignment, checking spring tension, tightening all the bolts, inspecting moving parts and lubricating all necessary parts like hinges, bearings, springs, end plates and rollers...

Why the need for garage door tune-up

All garage doors have moving parts, and as such, wear and tear will occur. Although garage door tune-ups won't prevent breakdowns for ever, annual tune-ups will help to reduce problems that might occur in your door and help to extend the garage door systems lifetime.

When is a tune-up necessary?

  • When the door is working but you are hearing friction noises when the door goes up or down.

  • When you can detect loose or missing bolts in your garage door.

  • If the door pulls to the right or to the left when opened.

  • When the door is not aligned.

  • If the door doesn't stay up when fully opened.

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